しかし,国際防災の十年(IDNDR)(1990-1999)中に,IAEG(国際応用地質学会),ISSMFE(国際土質基礎工学会),ISRM(国際岩の力学会)が合同で,UNESCO Working Party on the World Landslide Inventoryをつくり,以下のように定義しました.
The term "landslide" denotes "the movement of a mass of rock, debris or earth down a slope".これは,Cruden(1991)の定義がもとになっています.“ランドスライド”の教科書として,よく使われるTurner and Schusterの Landslidesという本でも,同様の意味で定義されています. 現在では,この定義が広く用いられるようです.日本地すべり学会の「地すべり」もこのLandslideに対応しているようです.地質学分野でよく使われる事典Glossary of Geologyの5th edition(2005)では,Landslideは,A general term covering a wide variety of mass-movement landforms and processes involving the downslope transport, under gravitational influence, of soil and rock material en masse.
 一方,Strahler and Strahler(2001) Physical geographyでは,Landslideは,the rapid sliding of large masses of bedrock or regolith としていますし,Skinner and Porter(1999)も,Mass-wasting processes all share one characteristic: they take place on slopes. Any perceptible downslope movement of a mass of bedrock, regolith, or both is commonly referred to as a landslide となっていて,狭義の意味で用いています.Encyclopedia of Geomorphology(2004)でも,DikauがMass movementの項目で,以下のように書いています.
The term LANDSLIDE often is used as synonymous for mass movement phenomena. However, in a pure sense the term landslide is used as a generic term describing those downward movements of slope-forming material as a result of shear failure occurring along a well-defined shear plane.

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